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Hello everyone. My name is Benicio Alfaro, and I am one of the main writers and creators of this amazing webpage.

I want to tell you about how this great project bloomed and how it came to our heads and was realized.

Myself and a group of classmates were great fans of soccer, and one day we decided we could create a website related to soccer. But not only that, a site where children and teenagers could see news from our academy, and even join us. Our coaches would teach them everything related to this sport.

At first, we saw it as a great idea, but our problem was that we did not have the necessary guidance to create it.

When we finally got the necessary guidance, and a practice and field area large enough to teach the kids, we decided to create this page for all audiences.

Sports are something incredible, especially soccer, no matter what kind of social class you have, or what kind of race you are or the religion you have. If you want to come and have fun, our doors are open, as we keep registrations for new students every so often.

Welcome to Soca Warriors TT! I trust you will find all the information, latest news and updates and everything related to soccer and sports right here.