Three Coaching Rituals for Better Youth Soccer Teams

back man - Three Coaching Rituals for Better Youth Soccer Teams

If you are currently starting to be a coach in soccer’s juniors league, or are a long-time running soccer coach who wants to improve your new players, it’s important for you to learn how to upgrade your coaching techniques and methods.

There are a handful of coaching rituals you should definitely learn in order to be better at your job. You’ll be able to inspire, as well as better train, the young soccer players that maybe, one day, will get to be top players in their teams.

Be Specific

Something important not only for coaching at soccer, but overall, when trying to teach anything to youngsters, be specific when you tell them to do an exercise, or change their play style.

three men - Three Coaching Rituals for Better Youth Soccer Teams

This will save a great amount of time. Always make sure your team doesn’t have doubts about the training they are performing.

A great way to achieve this is recreating or showing an example of the exercise or new play you want to teach them, as this will clear any doubts immediately.


One of the best ways to introduce young athletes to displaying good sportsmanship and a good attitude is learning it from their coach, always lead by example and you will have better results.

This is one of the main lessons for young athletes, who will greatly benefit from applying it in and outside of the field.

Having Fun

Soccer is a fun sport and can be easily enjoyed by many players. Don’t be rough or too technical when you are teaching. Remember to focus on safety and fun, since these two principles make the soccer hour more dynamic and enjoyable for your team.

team gather - Three Coaching Rituals for Better Youth Soccer Teams

Forget the wins and losses and focus a little more on what you can do to make your team have more fun and, at the same time, learn something about soccer.

Being a soccer coach is not an easy task. While working with kids can be a rough endeavor, it’s nothing to worry about, as long as you know exactly what to do, how to teach them to be better, and remember to have fun.

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