Three Training Drills for Better Shooting in Soccer

kick practice - Three Training Drills for Better Shooting in Soccer

There are several types of training for helping you make better shots, as long as you put in the work. Shooting is one of the most important plays in football, and the only way to upgrade the skill, is through hard training in the sessions.

Here, the strength of muscles, is important, as well as awareness and energy, to generate a good power shot. While shooting, the control of the ball is different from other plays.

In this post we share expert training drills that will boost the way your team’s shooting goals. Let’s take a look at how your team can become sharp shooters!

Turn and Shoot

This simple, but effective drill makes a player combine several skills, in just one simple move. The shooter should start with his back to the goal, and then call for a pass from one of the three mates, standing at about twelve yards away.

The shooter must effectively carry the ball with control, turn and throw a shot for the first time. Then the shooter must immediately call a pass from the second mate, so the training continues.

kick middle - Three Training Drills for Better Shooting in Soccer

You should try different positions on the players, as this will encourage the shooter to use both feet, taking advantage of this skill. It can also be beneficial for the shooter to be limited to just two touches. He will think more about his actions, and won’t lose as many balls as he would otherwise.

Pass, Run on and Shoot

Place two players on each side of the field, one on a yard from the edge of the penalty area, and another about three yards from the same penalty area. It is advisable to mark these positions with training cones.

The shooter should start about twelve yards from the goal box, and make a quick pass to the player in the nearest cone, then immediately start a race toward the goal.

Meanwhile, the player in the first cone passes the one in the second cone, in the path of the advancing shooter. The second mate makes a pass to the shooter, advancing with a single touch, and the shot should be taken immediately.

This exercise encourages quick actions, improves interaction between players, and helps make their movements cleaner and assertive.

The Agility Shot

This slightly more complex exercise needs only the shooter and a strategy. Make a ladder of agility about 12 yards from the penalty area, and follow it immediately with three cones, in a straight line approximately two yards away.

Place three balls at equal distances in the area. The shooter has to jump over the agility ladder, move in and out of the cones, then make his first shot.

kick field - Three Training Drills for Better Shooting in Soccer

Always pick the shooting trainings that work for you and your team. Make them part of your weekly workouts, get the team used to it, and encourage a comfortable environment.

As always, be careful with possible injuries, for they could harm the overall situation of the team. Keep a good medical team handy, to avoid disasters.

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