The Fast Approach – Training Guide for A Faster Soccer Team

ball practice - The Fast Approach – Training Guide for A Faster Soccer Team

For every soccer coach it is a basic objective to develop faster players, as it’s something very important in the sport. Every day soccer players’ speed increase, hence it is key to make the team faster. But the way to achieve that goal is not precise.

There are as many theories as people proposing things. Having that in mind you need to know the basics for how your team can be faster. Join us as we share our expert guide on how to increase speed here.

Running Mechanics

Running better will make you faster. We need to create mechanics for the players to be able to run in the most efficient way possible, reducing the exhaustion and the hours with physical fatigue.

If a coach is not familiar with the steps for efficient mechanics, or with the usual exercises, they can always find books and videotapes to educate themselves.

Use Weights

For this sport, the plyometrics jumps and the races with resistance are only two of the variety of exercises that currently exist. The goal is always to complete a series of repetitions as quickly as possible.

The weight a player practices with, may always vary from light to heavy. Performing exercises like this, helps increase strength, which is fundamental for the improvement of the speed in almost any player.

practice ball - The Fast Approach – Training Guide for A Faster Soccer Team

Range of Flexibility

Flexibility in leg muscles is very important. Additionally, the muscles should be able to contract with great power, and have a broad motion range. This has a positive impact on the ability of a player, to generate speed.

Therefore, we must not forget the exercises that increase the muscle’s flexibility, nor should we leave out stretching before these exercises.

Longer and Faster Run

In football, you can’t expect your players to increase their speed, unless you help them run faster. Repetitions made at intervals of 60, 80, 100, 150 and 200 yards require players to run at their maximum speed, taking advantage of their capabilities.

These repetitions must be carried out in one or two series of 3-5 repetitions, always taking into account the distance to be covered, the more distance the fewer repetitions.

You can take a slow runner and make them run fast. This would take a long time, something more than simple repetition exercises a day. However, what you can aim for, is an increase in the routine time of the players, because the body gets used to the constant speed. This will encourage more advanced action on a physical level.

With these tactics, you’ll have great players. They will be faster, and have more endurance for long distances, something that is important in football, as they run long distances all the time.

The strategies that have been used in sports for many years, have evolved in recent times. These new techniques have so far have not had bad results, which is why we give this advice.

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